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A full day of thought-provoking, fast-paced talks. An open-air stage where the music never stops. A dozen intriguing innovators sharing insights that run the gamut from coding to robotics and maker spaces. Interactive experiences in chess-strategy and wine-making. A unique installation of vintage Anatolian postcards interlaced with mind-bending contemporary imagery.


Nairy Chaglasyan, Armenia Wine Company
Nairy Chaglasyan, Armenia Wine Company
Peter Balakian,
Pulitzer Prize
Peter Balakian, Pulitzer Prize
Viet Nguyen, Pulitzer Prize 2016
Viet Nguyen, Pulitzer Prize 2016
Denise Davidson,
UWC Dilijan
Denise Davidson, UWC Dilijan
Veronika Zonabend,
RVVZ Foundation
Veronika Zonabend, RVVZ Foundation
Hovig Etyemezian,
Hovig Etyemezian, UNHCR Mosul
Adi Ignatius,
Harvard Business Review
Adi Ignatius, Harvard Business Review
Bree Cook, Pacific Oaks College
Bree Cook, Pacific Oaks College
Paul Berberian,
Paul Berberian, SPHERO
Kori Street,
USC Shoah Foundation
Kori Street, USC Shoah Foundation
David Ignatius,
The Washington Post
David Ignatius, The Washington Post
Lerna Ekmekcioglu,
Lerna Ekmekcioglu, MIT


Experience what it means when ancient tradition is reinvented.

Complimentary tasting of new wines from Armenia Wine Company with USC alum Nairy Chaglasyan.



Always wanted to play chess with masters? You can.

Come play the masters or watch them play simultaneous games throughout the day.

More than a dozen creative young scientists from Armenia and the US.

Global champions in ROBOTICS, CODING MATH, SCIENCE, ENGINEERING competitions.

Innovative software for education.

Come meet the people who are at the forefront of REIMAGINING learning in Armenia and the US.

LIVE Music All Day

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Reimagining Armenia's Education Strategy - in Armenia and in Diaspora

Luys scholars from Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley,
And young CalTech scholars will explore the ways to
rethink excellence in global education.

Artsroun Darbinian, Caltech
Artsroun Darbinian, Caltech
Raffy Mardirossian, Harvard
Raffy Mardirossian, Harvard
Sareen Habeshian, Berkeley
Sareen Habeshian, Berkeley
Sanan Shirinian, Columbia
Sanan Shirinian, Columbia
Ari Sekeryan, Oxford
Ari Sekeryan, Oxford



A multi-disciplinary project that foregrounds the artistic and scientific exploration of environmental issues. 

The project promotes common links between social, mental, and environmental ecologies.

Inflated only by air, lifted only by the sun, carried only by the wind, towards a sustainable future.

aerocene, nasa, usc

The first and only certified solar-powered sculpture which is lifted up without any use of propane, only by the power of sun. 


Peer into lost worlds with this one-of-a-kind installation of extremely rare vintage postcards from throughout Turkey – Istanbul, Izmit, Samsun, Bitlis, Van, Urfa and more -- displayed with full-scale murals of contemporary images of the same locations captured a century later. The postcards, juxtaposed with the current photos depict Armenian businessmen, teachers and just regular people; they depict a life that was interrupted forever. More information available here.


Doheny Library Hours

Monday through Thursday, 8 am-10 pm; Friday, 8 am-8 pm; Saturday, 9 am-5 pm; Sunday, 12 pm-8 pm.


 For information, write to or call 213.821.3943.