Compendium on “Negotiating Security in Eurasia”


Soldiers work to reinforce frontline positions following April 2016 fighting. Photo courtesy of Civilnet.

The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in Waterloo, Ont. has issued a volume on Eurasian conflicts “Tug of War: Negotiating Security in Eurasia” co-edited by Fen Osler Hampson (Carleton Univ.) and Mikhail Troitsky (MGIMO University) and published by McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Introducing the complexities of the Eurasian continent, the two co-editors note that “even those countries that are firmly allied with Russia enjoy a freedom of maneuver that gives them some negotiating latitude vis-à-vis Moscow. […] Armenia cherishes its diaspora in the U.S. which can at times be more helpful to it than Russia.”

The 238-page volume includes a chapter on “Negotiating Conflicts in the South Caucasus” by Jason Bruder and Shannon Burke Bruder that addresses the “intractable conflict.. over contested territories.. in Nagorno Karabakh.”

Jason Bruder is a former State Department official and former staff member at the Senate Foreign Relations, who is currently a PhD candidate at St. Andrews University. Shannon Bruder is an expert in international education who had managed USAID-funded projects in the North Caucasus.



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