View of the Armenian-Azerbaijani village of Tsopi in Georgia.
Photo by Vadim Romashov via Meydan.TV

In a paper published by the Caucasus Edition, Hamida Giyasbeyli, Marina Danoyan and Vadim Romashov explore the possibility for local level engagement between Armenian and Azerbaijani rural communities. Giyasbeyli is affiliated with the Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation, Danoyan with the Helsinki, Finland-based Crisis Management Initiative, and Romashov is a doctoral researcher at the University of Tampere, also in Finland.

The authors note the recent official calls to extend Armenian-Azerbaijani contacts “beyond politicians,” propose “communities of practice” approach as a form of local-level engagement and offer their findings from research conducted last July in Armenian and Azerbaijani border villages, as well as mixed Armenian-Azerbaijani settlements in Georgia.