Turning the Page on Hate


How do we generate the civic–and civil–conversations we actually need to address our national challenges? How does the “softer” side of politics—dialogue, culture, and education—link to tangible,“hard” changes in policy and in people’s everyday lives?And how are people working across the U.S., across lines of political, religious, and social difference?
On April 6, 2016, these themes were explored through dialogue and the arts. The conference was organized by Manuel Pastor, Turpanjian Chair for Civil Society and Social Change, and co-sponsored by the USC Institute of Armenian Studies, as well as the USC Office of the Provost Michael Quick, USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture, USC Office of Religious Life, USC Dornsife Department of Sociology, and LA Voice PICO.
Filmmaker and Institute Fellow Eric Nazarian participated in a panel with activists, artists, and academics.