Linguistic Landscape in Armenia: Language, Script, and Ideology


After graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles, Andrew Molica moved to Armenia to study the linguistic landscape of the country. What do public displays tell us about the sociolinguistic dynamics in Armenia and the language ideologies that shape them? Which factors influence the hierarchical positioning of languages in multilingual displays?

3/12/15 Los Angeles, CA USC Dornsife Turpanjian Chair Installation of Richard Antaramian Photo by: Steve Cohn (310) 277-2054 © 2015

Through travel all across Armenia, the linguistic landscape will be documented with particular attention to differences between the urban and rural areas and institutional versus non-institutional displays of language. Andrew’s research will assess how language embodies and records the multifaceted forces which have shaped an emerging independent nation, the current social hierarchies and ideologies at play as it tries to project and claim a glocal identity, and potential indications of developing trends both in the Armenian and global linguistic environment.