Words and Worlds 2016-2017



The USC Institute of Armenian Studies Words and Worlds will award $500 to one or more undergraduate or graduate students from U.S. or Canada for the best-written papers in the realm of Armenian Studies.

Papers written for class: Papers written for class can be submitted for the award. The paper can be in any area of study, but must have an Armenia or Armenian angle or aspect.

Papers written specifically for the award: Those who write papers specifically for this award, are encouraged to focus on Armenia’s 25 years of independence, being marked this year. You can choose to answer one of the following questions, or come up with your own:

  1. To what extent have ‘post-Soviet’ political and social legacies determined Armenia’s present and to what degree might they dictate the next twenty-five years?
  2. What are some social and political initiatives, ideas, or items that have been and are successful in Armenia? What accounts for their success?
  3. What are the origins and causes for the rise of social movements in Armenia, including Electric Yerevan, Mashtots Park, and 100 Dram?

Paper Guidelines:

  • Papers should be a minimum of 10 pages double-spaced.
  • If the paper was written for a class, the name and number of the class, the university, the date written, and the name of the instructor should be included in the document.

Papers must be submitted to research.armenian@usc.edu by April 30. Prizes will be announced on May 10.

The USC Institute of Armenian Studies reserves the right to post accepted papers online.

For more information, email research.armenian@usc.edu or call 213.821.3943.