A Russian government session dedicated to Karabakh. Official video image grab

Russian president Vladimir Putin together with his government members held another video conference on Karabakh on Friday. Among other things he issued a warning to anyone “trying to put breaks on implementation of the declaration by Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.”

“People who are trying to do this, must understand that there is only one alternative to its implementation – war,” he said.

As per the declaration, on November 20, Turkish-backed Azerbaijani forces entered the Aghdam district previously vacated by Armenian forces. By November 25 and December 1 Armenian forces are expected to vacate the Karvachar and Berdzor districts, respectively.

Putin also stressed the importance of addressing the humanitarian needs of Karabakh residents, with several Russian programs underway. In particular, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Management is preparing to rebuild homes damaged in shelling, as well as to provide Covid-related medical assistance.  Putin again encouraged United Nations organizations to establish themselves in Karabakh.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, all 1,960 peacekeeping personnel agreed in the declaration has been deployed in Karabakh, with 23 observation posts established.

Putin also reported that from now on the Russian border guards, which are part of the Federal Security Service (FSB), are also protecting the southern borders of the Republic of Armenia with Azerbaijan.