Russian military personnel close to the helicopter crash site near Yeraskh, Armenia. Tass photo.

Artsakh government spokesman Vahram Poghosyan confirmed that Turkish-backed Azerbaijani forces were inside Shushi, suggesting that the focus should now shift to the defense of Stepanaket, just a few kilometres away. Hours later, Armenia’s prime minister Nikol Pashinyan broke his days of silence on Facebook to announce that “fighting for Shushi is continuing.” Reports from the area suggested  that fighting in fact continued in the immediate vicinity of Shushi, as well as inside the town. Continued fighting was also reported near Martuni and Karmir Shuka.

In the evening hours a Russian military helicopter from the Armenia-based Russian military base was shot down by Turkish-backed Azerbaijani forces in Nakhichevan, while flying within Republic of Armenia territory. Two pilots were killed and one wounded. The Azerbaijani government apologized, claiming they thought they were shooting at an Armenian helicopter.

Shelling of Stepanakert and other Karabakh locations continued throughout the day.