Map showing Azerbaijani advance in Karabakh (in red). Armenian MoD.

Armenian officials reported continued fighting and shelling, primarily in the south of Karabakh throughout October 24. Also reported was shelling of Martuni and another aerial attack on Mardakert, as well as other civilian areas. Fighting was reported between Berdzor and Ishkhanadzor, south of the main road connecting Goris and Stepanakert. Localized fighting also continued in the southern part of Martuni district, near villages of Sheher, Tagavard and Zardanashen.

For the first time since the fighting began, Armenia’s defense ministry published a map intended to show the extent of Turkish-backed Azerbaijani advance in Karabakh. What is apparent is that the new line indicated is not stable and fighting has been reported further into Armenian-controlled territory as well.

In Washington, Armenia’s foreign minister met with the French, Russian and U.S. co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group to discuss ways to return to cease-fire that was previously agreed by Azerbaijan, but not upheld.