Incendiary munitions being dropped on forests of Karabakh. Image grab from uncredited video.

Shortly past midnight, explosions could be heard south of Stepanakert as a weapons storage caught on fire and overnight there were reports of continued fighting south of Shushi. The Defense Army also reported Azerbaijani attacks in the southeast and the north of the frontline. Civilian areas also came under fire.

A video also emerged of Turkish-backed Azerbaijani forces shelling Karabakh with special munitions intended to cause forest fires.

Later in the day, Armenian officials reported “clearing” Azerbaijani forces from villages east of Karintak, just on the outskirts of Shushi, as well as about fighting south of Berdzor (Lachin) on the road linking Goris and Stepanakert.

The Defense Army also published a video of a Turkish Syrian mercenary captured in the fighting; he said that he arrived in Azerbaijan on October 19.

Meantime, there were more cargo flights this week coming into Azerbaijan, apparently bringing additional ammunition and mercenaries for the war from Ukraine, Turkey and Israel.

In Geneva, Switzerland, Armenian and Azerbaijani foreign ministers met for the first time since their talks in Moscow three weeks earlier, when the first “humanitarian” cease-fire was agreed and not implemented.