Promoting scholarship that addresses national and global challenges.
Empowering youth with necessary knowledge to engage or make change.
Impacting policy, development, and progress.

Where Heritage Meets Innovation

The mission of the USC Institute of Armenian studies is to advance and promote multidisciplinary scholarship and collaboration that probes the social, cultural, educational, and political challenges impacting Armenian communities in the Diaspora and the Republic of Armenia. In an effort to re-define and study the complex issues that make up the diverse contemporary Armenian experience, the Institute encourages research, public service, and relationships among global Armenian communities.

The Institute’s programs address:

  • definitions and cultivations of Armenian identity
  • the study of image, values, and contribution in an international sphere
  • creation and cooperation of partnerships between the Diaspora and Armenia
  • security, development, and democratization in Armenia
  • changes in Turkey, Russia, Iran and the impact on Armenians and Armenia
  • protection of human life and heritage in Middle East
  • Armenian language acquisition in the Diaspora

The Institute of Armenian Studies is committed to supporting and delivering content accessible to both academics and the community at large. This commitment has led to the foundation of an active oral history program, the USC Policy Fellows program, a podcast network, the annual Innovate Armenia Festival, research support,  student workshops and more.