View of Mets Tagher village in the south of Karabakh in early October. Photo by Tatul Hakobyan, CivilNet

Throughout the day, Stepanakert, Shushi, Martuni and other localities were again hit by shelling. The Artsakh Defense Army also reported offensive operations by Turkish-backed Azerbaijani forces overnight and into the morning in the north, southeast and southwest of Karabakh, particularly in Avetaranots-Sghnakh area, just south-east of Shushi. Civilnet’s Tatul Hakobyan also reported shelling of David Bek area near Kapan, in the Republic of Armenia.

The Defense Army published a video of another captured Turkish Syrian mercenary. According to the latest published estimate from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights more than 2,300 mercenaries have been engaged in fighting, with at least 231 killed.

Also today, Turkish foreign minister arrived in Baku to reiterate his government’s support for Azerbaijan.